I AM! I CAN! accepts children ages 2 through 8. We separate children into 4 separate classrooms based on age. Our curriculum focuses on many areas that include Language, Literacy, Communication, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Health & Well Being, Art , Science and Math.

We offer half and full day structured pre-kindergarten programs as well as before and after school programs for elementary aged children. We also have a summer program that blends fun, learning and friendships into a camp style experience. See more info below.

Physical Fitness/Nutrition Program

We are implementing a physical fitness/nutrition program for all age groups!  We know that you as parents are concerned and know the importance of good nutrition and exercise.  A child’s natural tendency is to be active.  When a child is confident about his/her abilities, it builds self-esteem, being fit decreases the risk of serious illnesses later in life.
The National Association of Sports and Physical Education recommends that every day preschoolers should:
*get at least 60 minutes of structured physical activity (adult-led activity)
*get at least 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity (free play)
*not be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time (unless sleeping)

Children that attend I Am! I Can! will be participating in developmentally appropriate fun and challenging activities that will help build skills and coordination. Hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, climbing, sliding, running, crawling, balance beams, exercise mats, therapy balls, races and organized physical games are all part of our fitness program.  All children will be exercising on our jungle-balance beam-maze and our noodle obstacle course.  (see pictures above)

As early childhood educators we have a great opportunity and responsibility to help preschoolers learn about nutrition and making healthy food choices. Our nutrition program involves all of the children in learning about how healthy eating is important in making their bodies strong and healthy.  All classrooms are engaged in activities and projects that introduce them to eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition education is taught by: art activities, block play (tractors and play vegetables), circle time activities, puppet shows, food pyramids, classroom cooking, fruit and veggie tasting and friends contributing to friendship fruit salads.  Dramatic play areas take on a new role when transformed into supermarkets and restaurants that serve healthy food.
Our children that attend in the summer grow a garden and eat their own home grown produce for lunch.  The children also planted sunflower seeds outside the classroom window and watch the birds eat the sunflower seeds from the plants.  Our wildlife need healthy food too.

Before and After School Programs – Ages 5-8

Johnsburg School District buses children to and from our school and our staff will make sure your child gets safely on and off the buses and monitor their attendance to verify that they are present at our site and accounted for. School age children that arrive before 7:00 am are offered a breakfast snack. School age children returning to our school after 3:30 are offered an afternoon snack.

After School Activities

After School Activities

If having fun after school sounds good to your school age child, I Am! I Can! is the place. Our school age program offers activities that meet the widely differing needs and interests of children ranging from 5 years to 9 years old. After a long hard day of learning, kids spend the afternoon making cool art projects, challenging friends in table games, reading, listening to music, playing ball games and having a snack.

• Developmentally appropriate art media, games and activities are offered for the children to choose from.

• Our large playground offers running space and areas for group activities.

• Staff offers activities that allow children to work or create independently.

• Staff initiates activities that promotes children working and getting along together in groups.

Our staff offers assistance on homework or a quiet space for children that need to complete assignments.

Summer Programs

Join our “Magical Summer of Learning and Fun” Our summer program blends fun, learning and friendships into a camp style experience. I Am! I Can! offers science exploration, bike path, physical fitness activities, art projects, water exploration, water play, music, games and three areas for sand play. All children ages 2 thru 8 enthusiastically prepare for and participate in our 4th of July (in house) parade and festivities.

Call or visit us anytime for more information and to compare our competitive pricing.